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VIDAE (Visualization of Agri-Environmental Data) allows the visualization and extraction of agro-environmental datasets stored in the HYSAE database.

Developed in EXTJS4 and PHP, it is notably accessible via an addon principle linked to the IDS Georchestra.

This IDS, a major element of the LISAH mapping database, serves as an entry point to VIDAE through a web-based location of the HYSAE data points.

VIDAE is equipped with 2 modules: a "chronograph", which gives a chronological overview of the data present on the selected points, and a "graph", which generates a graphical representation of the selected datasets.

VIDAE is developed in partnership with the UMR SAS in Rennes.

Contact : 
Arnaud Dubreuil > tel : 04 99 61 23 47 >email : arnaud.dubreuil@inra.fr