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Hayek M., Younes A, Zouali J., Fajraoui N., Fahs M..  2018.  Analytical solution and Bayesian inference for interference pumping tests in fractal dual-porosity media. Computational Geosciences. 22(1):413-421.
Younes A, Zaouali J., Fahs M., Slama F., Grünberger O, Mara T.A..  2018.  Bayesian soil parameter estimation: Results of percolation-drainage vs infiltration laboratory experiments. Journal of Hydrology. 565:770-778.
Maina F-H., Ackerer P., Younes A, Guadagnini A., Berkowitz B..  2018.  Benchmarking numerical codes for tracer transport with the aid of laboratory-scale experiments in 2D heterogeneous porous media. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.
Younes A, Mara T.A., Voltz M, Guellouz L., Baalousha H.M., Fahs M..  2018.  A new efficient Bayesian parameter inference strategy: application to flow and pesticide transport through unsaturated porous media. Journal of Hydrology. 563:887-899.
Koohbor B., Fahs M., Ataie-Ashtiani B., Simmons C.T., Younes A.  2018.  Semianalytical solutions for contaminant transport under variable velocity field in a coastal aquifer. Journal of Hydrology. 560:434-450.
Younes A, Zaouali J., Lehmann F., Fahs M..  2018.  Sensitivity and identifiability of hydraulic and geophysical parameters from streaming potential signals in unsaturated porous media. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 22 (7):3561-3574.