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√ Ghada Dahmeni starts a thesis at LISAH in November 2019. She is a PhD candidate at the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia (INTA), and her thesis subject, initiated during her master's degree, is entitled "Mechanisms for regulating water contamination in surface by herbicides in the small Mediterranean rain farm of Cape Bon ". The thesis will be conducted under the co-direction of Hanene Chaabane (INAT) and Olivier Grünberger. Ghada Dahmeni's work is funded by the Eranet-Med CHAAMS program and is included in the NAILA LMI. The work is mainly carried out in Tunis with land in the Lebna catchment and experimental focus on the Kamech catchment area (OMERE).


√ Mariem Dhouib, holder of a degree in Water and Agriculture, starts a three-year thesis at LISAH from September 2019 under the direction of Frédéric Jacob and Laurent Prévot, in close collaboration with our Tunisian partners of INRGREF (Rim Zitouna, Insaf Mekki). The thesis is entitled "Impacts of land use and climate on the agronomic efficiency of water in a small Mediterranean rainwater catchment: modeling and scenario analysis", and enjoys co-financing Tunisian state (80 %) / IRD (20%) The thesis work is a continuation of the ALMIRA project and is articulated with the PRIMA / ALTOS project.


√ Nejmeddine Ouhichi undertakes a doctoral thesis, enrolled at the university of the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. Its subject is the "Hydrological, isotopic and hydrogeological quantification of recharge caused by the concentrated leakage of the Lebna dam: Modeling of dam-aquifer interactions supported by geophysics". The co-supervision of the thesis is provided by Fethi Laachal (CERTE) and Olivier Grûnberger. Nejmeddine Ouhichi's work is funded by LMI Naila, CERTE and LISAH and will benefit from the PRIMA-ALTOS project.