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Scientific context and challenges :

Cultivated soils are subjected to strong constraints, linked to climate and anthropic evolutions. One of the most important consequences of these pressures is water-driven erosion (to which can be added tilling erosion) which can strongly impact productivity and the ecosystem services provided by soils.

The challenge for the « Erosion and Solid transport » team is to approach «key» scientific questions about the issue of soil resource evolution, the degradation processes and the consequences of erosion for soils and the environment in general.


Our research is structured along three axe :

  • Study of transport/processes and of their dynamics in time and space

The aim is to better understand the physics of erosive processes occurring at different scales of time and space.

  • Imaging of this knowledge in modelling tools

Research on erosion processes contributes to the development of erosion modelling,

  • Anti-erosion agri-environmental engineering

A third axis concerns efforts in more applied research in the field of agri-environmental engineering with a view to sustainable landscape management.

Some examples of erosion effects in a Mediterranean environment
Illustration érosion Haute Normandie


Research projects :

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