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 >>> Members of experimental team

The experimental and observation team has for mission the implementation of the activities of the researchers and the PhD students of the LISAH in the laboratory and on the ground. These activities get organized according to the following themes:

  • Hydrology: with the realization of devices of measure of ground and in the laboratory
  • Hydrochemical measures: continuous follow-up of the parameters of the water of tablecloths, followed by takings of the water of streaming of certain pesticides, studies of the transfers of pesticides by molecules marked in columns of ground
  • Physical measures: systems of acquisition automated on the ground and in the laboratory
  • Hydrodynamic measures: continuous follow-up of profiles of moisture content under plots of land with various cultures
  • Agronomy: inquiries with wine growers for the follow-up of the cultural practices
  • Quality assurance: protect a quality of measure and assure a follow-up of the material in all the chains of measure

Key projects of the experimental and observation team

  • OER :  within the context of the Observatory for Environmental Research OMERE, the experimental team deals with the conception and the maintenance of the measurement systems, in the management in the long term of the acquired data and the relation with the farmers, on two mediterranean sites: Roujan on Peyne (streaming of the Hérault) and Kamech on the Cap Bon in Tunisia.


  • TRACKING MICROPOLLUTANTS: activity which leans on a laboratory of hydrodynamics equipped for the measure of the follow-up of molecules, pesticides marked in the Carbon 14 and with tritiated water


Equipements used by the expimental and observation team

On the ground

  • Measurement systems of the flows of water in ditches(gaps) with remote transmission.
  • Material(Equipment) of measure of the atmospheric flows by Eddy Corrélations.
  • Measurement system of profiles of humidity in the ground automated and transmitted electronically on 5 sites in 6 depths.
  • Probe of Neutronic measure of the volume humidity of the ground.
  • Sound multiparameters of measure (Level, temperature, PH, conductivity, dissolved O2, turbidity).
  • Sensors piézométriques probes for the follow-up of the continuous tablecloths.
  • Swindler auto-carried for the presence of piézomètres and the study of profiles of grounds.
  • Metric GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) for location of the material.

In the laboratory

  • Device of measure of the curves of Pf on samples of ground.
  • Laboratory of analyses and drawing in columns of Ground with marked molecules.
  • Laboratory of spectrometry.
  • Laboratory of structural stability.