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Rudi G., Bailly J-S, Belaud G., Vinatier F..  2018.  Characterization of the long-distance dispersal of Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) in a vegetated irrigation channel. River Research and Applications. 34:1219-1228.
Vinatier F., Rudi G., Bailly J-S, Belaud G..  2018.  Digital image analysis for studying eco-hydraulic processes in open channels. 5th IAHR EUROPE CONGRESS, New challenges in hydraulic research and engineering, 12-14 June 2018, Trento, Italy.
Poggi S., Papaïx J., Lavigne C., Angevin F., Le Ber F., Parisey N., Ricci B., Vinatier F., Wohlfahrt J..  2018.  Issues and challenges in landscape models for agriculture: from the representation of agroecosystems to the design of management strategies. Landscape Ecology. 33:1679-1690.
Molenat J., Raclot D., Zitouna R., Andrieux P., Coulouma G., Feurer D., Grunberger O., Lamachère JM., Bailly J-S, Belotti JL. et al..  2018.  OMERE: A Long-Term Observatory of Soil and Water Resources, in Interaction with Agricultural and Land Management in Mediterranean Hilly Catchments. Vadose Zone Journal. 17
Vinatier F., Dollinger J., Rudi G., Feurer D., Belaud G., Bailly J-S.  2018.  The Use of Photogrammetry to Construct Time Series of Vegetation Permeability to Water and Seed Transport in Agricultural Waterways. Remote Sensing. 10:2050.
Rudi G., Bailly J-S, Vinatier F..  2018.  Using geomorphological variables to predict the spatial distribution of plant species in agricultural drainage networks. PLOS ONE. 13:e0191397.