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LISAH has developed a spatial data infrastructure (IDS), based on the OpenSource Georchestra solution, since 2010.

This approach, carried out in partnership with the UMR SAS in Rennes and necessary for the operation of a tool such as VIDAE, allowed us to set up a spatial data structure based on tools meeting the OGC standards (Open Gis Consortium).

In addition to some Georchestra-specific modules such as the viewer, this IDS uses tools such as Geoserver for publishing layers via WMS / WFS, Geonetwork for the metadata catalog.

The data is integrated with PostGIS databases, making it also accessible via other channels.

The development of internal LISAH applications such as ADDORS makes it easier to integrate our data into this infrastructure.

This spatial database is a transversal tool for LISAH, both for the evaluation of HYSAE database data, but also for the functioning of the OpenFluid platform, where simply for the provision of our spatial data, Well for LISAH members, our partners and the scientific community.

Following the adoption of Georchestra within the SAS and LISAH UMR, new INRA units are currently deploying this IDS within their structure, thus creating an expanded user community.

Contact : 
Arnaud Dubreuil > tel : 04 99 61 23 47 >email : arnaud.dubreuil@inrae.fr