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LISAH belongs to INRA's Environment and Agronomy (EA) Division. The missions of the EA Division, headed by Dr Philippe Hinsinger, are to gain generic and applied knowledge in order to sustainably manage cultivated areas.

To this end, it has to devise tools, methods and know-hows allowing the translation of this knowledge into answers to questions from research end- users. It has to participate in the construction of these questions together with professional partners, public authorities and territorial stakeholders, environmental protection associations or consumer associations.

This experience is then transferred through training, expert evaluations and dissemination.

Its facilities are made up of 43 units.  Joint Research Units (22 "JRU") are a majority, the other units being in-house research units (9 "UPR" for "Unités Propres de Recherche"), experimental or service units (5 EU, 5 SU)  and administrative support  units. These different units are located on 26 geographical sites within the 17 INRA Centers.

It supports several collective tools: experimental facilities and environmental observatories, strategic and modelling platforms, experimental units and service units.

Read more on the INRA EA Division website