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The IRD Division : Internal dynamics and of Surface of Continents (DISCO)

The IRD Division "Internal dynamics and of Surface of Continents" (DISCO) groups(includes) the research teams of the Institute which study the continental circles, under the angle of their physical and biogeochemical functioning, their evolutions, and their interactions with the human companies(societies) of the South, in the context of the global changes.

The scientific objectives of the department are :

  • The understanding of the global changes.
  • The quantification of hazards and reduction of the risks.
  • The prospecting of new resources.

The research works of the units of the DISCO department lean on the systems of observations, the geological archives and the modelling of the continental physical circles, in a multidisciplinary logic, to propose a vision of the interactions between the evolutions of the physical circles and the socioeconomic dynamics, in connection with the objectives of the sustainable development.

Director of DISCO : Philippe Charvis

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