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The Montpellier SupAgro Division "Environments, Productions, Resources and Systems" (MPRS) to which belongs LISAH, brings together  the disciplines and the training, research and development activities concerning plant and animal productions, and the study and  preservation of farmed landscapes (soils and climate) and resources (water, soil, air).

MPRS core competency lies in the engineering of complex systems linked to animal and crop husbandry and soil/water management in agriculture-impacted territories.

The MPRS Division groups 13 researchers-lectures, 4 Engineers, 1 technician and 4 training assistants, and benefits from the collaboration of 7 consultant-lecturers. It is organized in four teaching teams (thematic axes).

Prof François Colin, a research professor at LISAH, heads Axis 4 "Water-Soils-Agricultural areas"

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