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Soil Resource under Global Change Team

The "Soil resources under global change" team's project aims to better understand and preserve the ecosystem services provided by soils in cultivated environments. So the "Soil resource under global change" team's project aims to develop knowledges, methods and tools to better understand the soil and the factors and mechanisms that govern its differentiation in space (from soil profile to region) and time (from rainfall event to multi-decade event), in relation to climate, cropping practices and cultivated landscape infrastructures.

The soil is considered from the surface to the bedrock, with a focus on its surface horizon (0-5 cm), which is the most impacted horizon by agriculture and a strategic object for properties such as erodibility and infiltrability.




The work of this team is organized in 4 axes, two of them are mainly methodological, one is mainly cognitive, and the last one is mainly operational:

A first axis deals with the in-situ characterization of functional soil properties (infiltrability, erodibility, useful reserve, sorption coefficient). The main objective is to develop rapid and inexpensive approaches to multiply the characterization of these properties in space or time. They are based on pedological expertise in the field and participatory approaches, associated with tools such as photogrammetry, Visible Near Infrared Spectrometry, geophysics and Very High Spatial Resolution imagery.

The second axis focuses on mapping and monitoring of soil properties. Based on approaches combining remote sensing of soil properties and development of digital soil mapping models, the objectives are to (i) refine these approaches and manage uncertainty from input data to mapping products delivered to users, (ii) move from primary property mapping to functional property mapping, and (iii) address soil property monitoring using time series remote sensing images (multispectral, hyperspectral, digital surface models).

The third axis focuses on the study of factors and mechanisms of spatiotemporal evolution of soil resources which, in the Mediterranean environment, are mainly related to water erosion. Work is being carried out on the interactions and synergies between elementary processes (disintegration and splash, gully and ravine erosion) and their relative importance, as well as on the effect of structures and interfaces modulating sedimentary connectivity. Work is also being carried out on the role and fate of organic matter or other molecules that are strongly adsorbed under the effect of water erosion. In addition, the team is also studying the morphogenesis and pedogenesis processes of soil located in particular but strategic positions with respect to water and contaminant flows (e.g., soils under ditches, under gullies).

The fourth axis concerns the study of landscape managments (bench, terrace, ditch, reservoir, etc.) and cultural practices (e.g. no-till, intercropping) and their anti-erosion efficiency with a view to sustainable landscape management. The aim is to study I) the effectiveness of these practices and developments through experimental approaches and feedback on long-established managed catchments, and ii) their socio-economic acceptability. Modeling work to simulate the impact of these landscape managments (e.g. LANDSOIL, MHYDAS_Erosion, SWAT...) is carried out under the constraint of global changes, in order to study the "off-site" effects (e.g. water turbidity, filling of dams).

Titre Responsable scientifique LISAH Bailleur du projet √ Date début Date fin Etat projet
ALTOS JACOB Frédéric PRIMA 02-2020 12-2023 en cours
ATCHA LAGACHERIE Philippe ANR 11-2016 07-2022 terminé
TRADEVI COULOUMA Guillaume FRANCE AGRIMER et CNIV 10-2017 12-2021 terminé
EUSOP GOMEZ Cécile PNTS 09-2019 09-2021 terminé
ASSESS RACLOT Damien ERANETMED 09-2017 03-2021 terminé

  • Animatrice de l'Équipe Ressource en Sol sous Changements Globaux : Cécile GOMEZ

Nom Tutelle Dépt de recherche Lieu Statut Courriel
Albergel Jean IRD DISCO France Directeur(trice) de Recherche
Brini Imen IRD DISCO Tunisie Doctorant(e)
Coulouma Guillaume INRAE AgroEcoSystem France Ingénieur(e) d'Etude
Courteille Léa INRAE AgroEcoSystem France Doctorant(e)
Feurer Denis IRD DISCO France Ingénieur(e) de Recherche
Fouché Julien Montpellier SupAgro MPRS France Maître de Conférence
Gomez Cécile IRD DISCO Inde Chargé(e) de Recherche
Khairallah Wissal IRD DISCO Tunisie Doctorant(e)
Lagacherie Philippe INRAE AgroEcoSystem France Ingénieur(e) de Recherche
Lechevallier Henri INRAE AgroEcoSystem France Stagiaire
Mbodj Djibril INRAE AgroEcoSystem France Stagiaire
Planchon Olivier IRD DISCO France Directeur(trice) de Recherche
Raclot Damien IRD DISCO France Chargé(e) de Recherche