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HYSAE (Spatialized Hydrology for Agrosystems and the Environment) is a postgreSQL database for the management of agro-environmental data measured, analyzed or observed in cultivated catchments..

This database allows, via web interfaces developed in PHP / Javascript accessible in restricted ways, to manage three main types of data namely:

  • Measurements of long chronic environmental data acquired continously, via in situ sensors (rainfall, flows, piezometry, various weather data, etc.)
  • Physico-chemical analyzes of water or soil samples taken in situ (pesticides, major elements, suspended solids, etc.)
  • Agronomic observations for the monitoring of cultivation practices, soil surface conditions, land cover and cultivation practices.

HYSAE contains in particular the data of the ORE OMERE. Based on LISAH's Geographic Data Infrastructure, GeoLISAH, and on processes for identifying OMERE data and generating maps of data monitoring points, an OMERE data portal was created for each of the basins monitored, Roujan and Kamech.

Contact : 
Arnaud Dubreuil > tel : 04 99 61 23 47 >email : arnaud.dubreuil@inrae.fr