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>> Team members

The LISAH Information System team includes agents whose core job is focused on data management, dissemination and processing. It combines skills in geographic data processing, digital mapping, web development, database, system administration.

Its missions are to implement relevant IT solutions to manage, make available, disseminate and sustain the scientific data produced by LISAH. Beyond the technical aspects, the IS department aims to involve each LISAH actor, producer or user, in the life cycle of the data, respecting the various requirements (supervision, partners, national or European directives).

In this context, the main activities of the IT cluster are:

  •     The deployment, operation and supply of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for the management, characterization and dissemination of geographic data, based on the geOrchestra solution:
  •     The development of administration of websites, LISAH site, OMERE observatory, and scientific projects carried by the unit.
  •     The processing of georeferenced data of various origins (aerial photos, satellite images, thematic maps, etc ...).
  •     The operation of LISAH's IT hardware infrastructure and associated services (client workstations, servers, calculators);
  •     Advice and technical expertise in the field of IT, provided to LISAH agents and partners.


>>> Information and contact: Arnaud Dubreuil, leader of the team