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  • A micropollutant laboratory dedicated to the analysis and tracking of tracer molecules in soil columns.

The lab is equipped with

  • an equipment for hydric potentials measurements in soil columns,
  • an equipment for water content measurements with TDR (Time domain reflectometry) probes: "TRASE",
  • precision scales for flow rates measurements at column exit,
  • a sampling equipment fitted with a carousel  based on a "LEGO Mindstorm" system.

The whole set is driven by a "Campbell Scientific CR 1000" data logger.

The analysis of marked molecules is performed with a "Perkin-Elmer Tricarb" scintillation counter that detects beta-emitting radionuclides.

  • A soil physics laboratory:

To determine soil water retention characteristics, this laboratory is equipped with a pressure plate extractor  for retention curve measuring, one plate ranging from 0 to 5 bars, the other from 0 to 15 bars.

  • A structural stability lab:

These measurements consist in assessing soil sensitivity to capping and erosion. The method offers to provide a realistic analysis of the physical performance of soils exposed to rain, allowing the comparative ranking of soil components in relation with these reactions, while taking into account their composition, the effect of cultural practices and of the crop.