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LISAH staff  works at two locations :

  • In France, LISAH is located  in Montpellier on the "La Gaillarde" INRA-Montpellier SupAgro campus (building  24)
  • In Tunisia, Unit personnel (three scientists and three engineers and technicians in 2013) are hosted in Tunis by our partners INAT and INRGREF.

LISAH carries out all of its research in collaboration with its local partners on four work sites, three in the Mediterranean area and one in the French West Indies. These work sites are for the most part shared by the research teams and research conducted there relies on observation facilities.

In the Mediterranean, work sites are:

  • In France, in the Languedoc region, the Peyne river catchment area and its elementary catchment of Roujan (ORE OMERE)
  • In Tunisia, on Cap Bon, the Lebna river catchment area and its elementary catchment of Kamech (ORE OMERE)
  • In Morocco, the unit staff (1 researcher, 1 engineer-assistant ) is hosted by IAV in Rabat

In the French West Indies, LISAH is heavily engaged in the issue of chlordecone fate in Guadeloupe.

Besides, LISAH works more occasionally on other study sites: Kenya, Chile, Indonesia, Costa Rica

                                   Map of LISAH local establishments and worksites
                                                     (click on image to access the interactive map)