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  • The Kamech and Lebna catchments

    The KAMECH catchment (2,63 km²) and the LEBNA catchment (210 km²) in Tunisia.


    The KAMESH catchment is located north of Cap-Bon, in the Nabeul CRDA, at the fringe of the Mediterranean sub-humid and semi-arid climates. Mean interannual rainfall is approx. 650 mm. The catchment outlet is occupied by a hillside reservoir (140 000 m3 initial capacity).

  • The La Peyne and the Roujan catchments

    The La Peyne catchment and the Roujan catchment

    The Roujan catchment (0.91 km²) is located in France, in the Hérault department. Climate type is sub-humid Mediterranean with a long dry period. Mean annual rainfall over 20 years (1992-2012) is 634 mm and mean annual evapotranspiration (Penman-Monteith ET0) is 1102 mm.


  • The Pérou catchment

    The Pérou catchment is located south-east of Guadeloupe, on the Basse-Terre side.
    With an area of 12.6 km2, it is oriented NW-SE on one of the slopes of La Soufrière volcano (windward coast).The catchment is divided in three quite distinctive geomorphological zones.