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  OpenFLUID is a software platform for spatial modelling in landscapes.
Based on an explicit representation of spatial objects and their interactions, OpenFLUID is designed for modelling dynamics at different spatial and temporal scales. It provides an environment for the development and integration of computational codes, model coupling, parameterization and execution of simulations. It is also a collaborative framework for the capitalization and sharing of multi-disciplinary models.

OpenFLUID has already been applied in various contexts: hydrology, diffuse pollution, agricultural practices, erosion, land use planning, etc.

The OpenFLUID software environment includes a modeling software framework, user interfaces, and can also be used from different languages and environments including R (through the ROpenFLUID package). Online resources are available for the user community: manuals, training materials, examples, ...

Free, open-source and based on open standards, OpenFLUID is fully commited to open and reproducible science approaches.
OpenFLUID is designed and developed at LISAH, with the support of the INRAE Agroecosystem department.

Jean-Christophe Fabre > tel : +33 (0)4 99 61 23 51 >email : jean-christophe.fabre@inrae.fr