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The « Water and Pollutants in Cultivated Catchments » team aims to understand and model the influence of anthropization on water resources in cultivated environments.

The overall research topic of « Water and Pollutants » (short name) team aims at understanding and modelling the influence of anthropization on water resources in farmerd environments.

Its efforts are structured in 4 axes relying primarily on the OMERE Observatory sites, on the Farm Pollutant Observatory in the West Indies (OPA-C) and on the OpenFLUID modelling platform and the MHYDAS hydrological model.

  • « Blue water » axis

This axis aims at studying and integrated modeling the impact of land use and management facilies on the genesis of water resources and on its distribution within elementary farmed catchments.

  • « Green water » axis

This axis aims at evaluating the water consumption of crops in farmed catchment in semi-arid areas, and at developing management modes  that preserves "green  water".

  •  « Contaminated water » axis

This axis studies the influence of farming activities on water quality with a main focus on pesticide-linked pollutions.

  • « Meso-scale » axis

This axis deals with the analysis and modeling of hydrological processes at the rural area scale.

Projet Responsable scientifique LISAH Bailleur du projet Date début Date fin Etat projet
MIPP-V VOLTZ Marc département INRA Environnement et agronomie 01-2016 12-2019 terminé
MASCC RACLOT Damien ARIMNET2 09-2016 09-2019 terminé
RUEdesSOLS LAGACHERIE Philippe ANR 01-2015 04-2019 terminé
Retenue MOLÉNAT Jérôme ONEMA 01-2016 12-2018 terminé
ALMIRA JACOB Frédéric ANR 12-2013 12-2018 terminé
MIPP VOLTZ Marc Département EA - INRA 01-2015 12-2017 terminé
FIP : Fossé Infiltrant & Pesticides BAILLY Jean-Stéphane, DAGÈS Cécile Convention INRA-ONEMA 01-2013 12-2015 terminé
LACCAVE LAGACHERIE Philippe INRA Métaprogramme ACCAF 01-2012 12-2015 terminé
Ecohydrologie des fossés agricoles méditerranéens BAILLY Jean-Stéphane, VINATIER Fabrice INRA - Département E&A 01-2014 12-2015 terminé
ExpeER - SoilNet PRÉVOT Laurent UE - FP7 12-2010 11-2014 terminé



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