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√ Titre complet: 
Ecosystem Services of Roots – Hydraulic Redistribution, Carbon Sequestration and Soil Fixation (Services écosystémiques des racines – redistribution hydrique, séquestration du carbone et fixation du sol.)
√ Responsables scientifiques: 
Alexia Stokes (UMR AMAP)
√ Contacts: 
√ Date début: 
Janvier, 2011
√ Date fin: 
Juin, 2014
√ Bailleur du projet: 
ANR Systerra 2010
√ Partenaires: 
UMR System
UMR Eco&Sols
UMR BioEmco
IRSTEA Grenoble
√ Région de la zone d'étude: 
Costa Rica
√ Résumé: 

In Ecosfix, we propose to investigate the influence of root structure and function on physical and biological processes, from the soil surface to the deep horizons. This new paradigm will permit us to evaluate the ecosystem services provided by plant root functioning throughout the soil profile, with specific reference to soil erosion, mass movement, C sequestration and hydraulic redistribution.

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